secure technology company info

Secure Technology Company is a national aerospace, defense, commercial, and industrial holding company headquartered in California and comprised of several operating companies, each with its own specialization. We concentrate on the following technologies: rugged computer systems, RF solutions, electronic manufacturing services, and digital audio/video instrumentation solutions.

Secure Technology Company employs approximately 450 people through our operating companies: Secure Communication Systems, Smart Electronics, Lark Engineering, and Tactical Micro. All of our operating companies are reliable partners with the U.S. Government, providing superior products and services, many of which are mission critical.

The operating companies of Secure Technology Company rely on our core competencies of developing proprietary technologies with superior performance, combined with quality and reliability, to provide our customers with products and services of profound value.

Secure Technology Company is a leader in technological innovation, and continues to invest in the future by building the company through strategic acquisitions and expanding our unique portfolio of innovative solutions and technologies across the defense, industrial, and commercial industries.